This Little Byrdie went to the Park

The weather is perfect in Savannah.  Days are warm and the nights have just enough chill to keep the sand gnats sleeping.   Thursday was the first movie night in Forsyth Park.  Learning one of our fellow Byrdies had never seen the cult classic being featured, we had to throw down a vintage quilt and make a night of it.  If Goonies never say die, then Byrdies never say hungry.  How could we with a store full of cookies and gourmet treats, not to mention our Cookie Bar and Grill menu? It’s pretty nice that when you take your work home, it’s in the way of a chilled bottle of wine, couscous, cookies, and charcuterie.

The picnic in the park was epic and fellow movie goers definitely looked on with envy.  We suggest making friends and smiling, you might just have to borrow utensils.  As the sun went down and the movie started rolling, we mused about other locals to take our spread.  Choosing our favorites for the first venture, here’s our list for a perfect picnic spread.

1. Chef’s Choice Picnic Package:  Ours featured Benton Farms Ham & Soprasata meats, Garrotxa and Brillat-Savarin cheeses, pickle jar, spiced pecans, ½ loaf fresh baked country bread.

2. Small Plate order of Couscous—red/yellow bell pepper, herbs, lemon. So good!

3. Byrd’s Cannon Ball mix—LOVE! Be warned, the wasabi peas pack the biggest punch.

4. Emily G’s Strawberry Chipotle Jam of Love— we just spread it on our bread, but it’s great over cream cheese with water crackers too.

5. Mary’s Gone Crackers–Organic gluten free crackers made from Brown Rice, Quinoa, Flax, and Sesame Seeds.  The nutty flavor goes great with the creamy Brillat-Savarin

6. Lioco Chardonnay—Not too sweet, not too dry, just right.  Great price @ 19.95.

7.  Go Vino glasses–  These recycled, reusable glasses are perfect and a must for Savannah.  You can get them for your bubbly too.

8. Cookies by the Ounce.– We scooped up Cheddar Pecan and Gorgonzola with Honey and Walnut to munch with our main course and Triple Chocolate for dessert.

We can help you look like a professional picnicker too.  Just give us a call @ 912.355.0977 and we’ll make sure that we have your basket ready and wine chilled.


This Little Byrdie went to Market (4/28)

Walking through Forsyth Park towards the Farmers’ Market, we snapped photos along the way.  Students began to settle into their squares and map out their masterpieces.  Colorful chalk splashed onto the concrete, and by the end of the day all the pathways were completely transformed.  The market was just as packed as the sidewalks leading the way.  Happy to still have a variety to choose from, we left with great looking strawberries from Joseph Fields Farms out of St. John’s Island, South Carolina.  We slipped some sweet potatoes into the chef’s bag too, hoping for some fries, or even chips.  We’ll see, in the meantime, our market special this week is Strawberry Salad.

Served on a mix of arugula and frisee, our Strawberry Salad also features our house made ricotta cheese with mint.  Fresh herbs from Vince Baker’s Farm round out the flavor.  Pan fried Pecorino crisps balance the sweetness of the strawberries.  We can’t wait to taste the Sherry vinaigrette (with shallots and honey) for ourselves.  Light, refreshing, and filling—it’s the trifecta of salad perfection.  Stop in to try it today, it might be gone tomorrow.


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